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Bingo Online

Bingo is a fun game to play, and an awesome pastime activity. The online version is much more entertaining than traditional bingo rooms, and it managed to attract people between 25 and 50 years old from all around the world. I usually play it for the interactive part. We are a team of friends who meet online and like to chat while winning money.

Online bingo comes with a series of unquestionable benefits. First of all, you can play from the comfort of home, without any interruptions. Another great advantage is that you can play one or several games at the same time on the same casino, or on different casinos. I recommend you stick to a reputable casino, rather than creating accounts on various sites that you know nothing about.

Types of Bingo

Bingo is a game that comes in many variations. When I started playing it, I was aware of the classic 75-ball and 90-ball bingo. In fact, the online environment has much more to offer, and you can only enjoy all the benefits if you know how to approach each variant. This is why I want to share with you the basics of each bingo type, so you can start betting like a pro.

75-ball Bingo

75-ball bingo

75-ball bingo is the traditional bingo version highly appreciated in the US. The card has five columns and five lines, and the space in the middle is blank. Winning requires achieving certain patterns. They can either be simple shapes, or more complex structures.

90-ball bingo

90-Ball Bingo

90-ball bingo is the traditional bingo version highly appreciated in Europe. The card has nine columns and three lines. This bingo version is more complex than 75-ball bingo. There are three sections that guarantee different prizes. The first stage implies playing for a single line. The second stage requires two lines, while in the last one, the player needs to go for a Full House.

80-ball Bingo

80-Ball Bingo

80-ball bingo is a rather recent version. It is a mixture between the two variants presented above. It is perfect for people who want to have all the excitement of 90-ball bingo, but have limited time to spend online. Overall, the rules of the games are similar to 75-ball bingo, and the most popular patterns are: X shapes, the corners and central square. I also want to mention that you won’t find this bingo variant on all online sites, so you may need to search a bit before you can actually enjoy it.

30-ball Bingo

30-ball bingo is a version that was introduced to the online bingo community recently. It is also known as speed bingo because there are only three lines and three columns, so everything happens pretty fast. In order to be a winner, you need to cross off all the numbers on the card.

Bingo variations

Bingo variations

Besides these main bingo games, there are different variations that rely on certain patterns (letters, corners, shapes, etc.) with the purpose to keep the players entertained. These games happen very fast, obliging gamblers to keep up. I really enjoy playing these bingo games, especially when I feel stressed. There are many bonuses included, and I need to focus in order to collect them, so I do not have time to think about anything else.

Online  Bingo Fun

I was surprised to see how much bingo evolved in the virtual environment. The games and colors are absolutely amazing and very entertaining. Not to mention that there is a huge community of passionate players, just like me, eager to have fun and win cash. As there is no direct competition between players, it is easy to make new friends. However, if you wish to become part of this huge family, you need to be familiar with bingo jargon.

  • AYT – are you there?:
  • BBS – be back soon;
  • CM – chat monitor;
  • DK – don’t know;
  • EMML – email me later;
  • GLE – good luck everyone;
  • IMO – in my opinion;
  • JJ – just joking;
  • SYS – see you soon.

These are the basic rules of online bingo. However, there is more I want to share with you in my future posts.

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