Online Bingo Review

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Bingo has come a long way since the times of being played in large halls with single bingo tickets. Bingo fans are now able to play all of their favorites types of bingo games all from the convenience of their PC or mobile device. 75-ball bingo, 90-ball bingo, 80-ball Bingo, 30-ball Bingo and Jackpot Bingo are all available for play online at a variety of top bingo sites across the globe. The best part about playing online bingo is that automatic computerized marking of your tickets is available ensuring you don’t make any prizes and have no limit to number of tickets you may purchase.

For more information on where to play and the best bonuses keep reading the online bingo review below! If you want even more detailed information, please read my How to Play Bingo Online recension!

UK Online Bingo Review

Online Bingo in the UK has been on the rise in the past few years, now featuring a user base in the millions. Licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, Online Bingo is guaranteed to provide users with a fair game at any of the certified sites. Online Bingo is covered under the Gambling Act 2005 which gives all users of age the ability to gamble in a fair and open platform. All players must be over the age of 18 and maybe subject to an age verification process before they are allowed to deposit funds into their Bingo Account.

Online vs Land-Based Bingo

While both online and land-based bingo follow the same general principles. Users will be presented with randomly generated numbers in both scenarios which they will use to form winning patterns. Where they differ mainly is in the game play. While at a land-based bingo hall you are set to a fixed schedule, online bingo gives users the opportunity to play bingo anytime you want, 24/7. Alos users at a bingo hall will be forced to play the game which is available where as at online bingo sites users will have the choice between a wide range of different rooms to choose from.

Basic Online Bingo Rules

Online Bingo can be played automatically or manually. The basic principle is to make a specific pattern which will be disclosed before the start of each round. Certain types of bingo games use different patterns.

While there is a skill aspect to the game if it is played manually, by automating the marking process the actual gameplay becomes luck based. The card which creates the pattern for each round first will be deemed the winner.

There is however skill involved in the number of tickets purchased in a bingo room. Buying the right amount of tickets can greater your chance to winning which must be balanced with money spent on tickets.

The Most Popular Bingo Games Online

Two of the most popular Bingo games in UK at the moment are:

90-Ball Bingo- is played on 9×3 cards, where users must try to be the first to make the pattern in three rounds. The first round is one line, the second round is two lines and the third round is full house(the full card). A jackpot may be awarded in the case of creating the Full House pattern in a certain number of turns.

75-Ball Bingo- is played on a 5X5 card and much like 90-ball bingo gives the first player to make a specific pattern the prize. There are many patterns for 75-ball bingo which range from single horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines to complicated patterns like diamonds, number patterns or letter patterns. Jackpots are available for certain patterns.