My 5 Bingo Strategies that Help

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Bingo Strategies

The ultimate purpose of all gambling games is to win money. Bingo is slightly different from this point of view as it promotes spending quality time in a friendly environment. While poker is a game where the luck can be influenced by the way you play your hand, bingo is not that specific. To be more exact, I do not believe in mathematic formulas that can turn you into a successful player overnight. I find it useless to waste my time calculating things and hoping for the best. On the other hand, this does not mean that I do not rely on certain strategies. So this is what I do in order to increase my bankroll.

I use all the functions the online casino has to offer\\:D

Online casinos have the purpose to simplify things for the players. As you can see, all that you are required to do in order to place a bet is to click several buttons. The “auto-daub” function is my favorite because it helps me keep a close eye on all the calls, so I don’t need to worry about missing one. However, it is true that the game is not as fun and interactive anymore, thus I only use it when my sole purpose is to win money.

I play with 3 to 5 bingo cards at a time

After several years of playing bingo online, I can now say that I am an advanced player. And this means that I can play with more than a single card at a time. However, do not get me wrong. I never play with more than 5 cards, so stay away from fake promises that encourage you to play with 10 or more cards. It is a complete waste of time and leads to serious losses as it is impossible to focus on all of them. Before you actually think about purchasing cards, remember these three factors:

  •  the number of players;
  •  the cost of each card;
  •  the value of the jackpot.

I choose games with few players

An eligible way to hit the jackpot is to think about the competition. To be more exact, fewer players mean better chances of winning. If you are wondering how to implement this strategy, you need to stay away from peak hours. One thing is certain, most people play during weekends and in the evening. As a result, it is better to play early in the morning, in the afternoon and late at night. Of course, this is not something that you need to do on a regular basis. In the end, bingo is all about having fun, so make sure you do not forget that.

I take my time to find the game with a worthwhile jackpot

It is no fun to play bingo all by yourself. However, when I play during weekends I do my best to assure the best odds. In order to make my time online count, I do not join the first game I find. I usually take time and analyze the offer until I find the one with the highest jackpot. It is true that, in this case, the competition is harsh and there are fewer chances to hit it, but if I do I know that my effort was totally worth it.

I only play on the best sites

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of creating an account on reputable sites. The quality of a provider is translated in the quality of the games. This does not mean that I am a member of countless online bingo rooms. On the contrary. It is impossible to build a solid bankroll if you do this and not to mention that you will never become a VIP player. I have experimented various offers and opted only for the best. This is something that all players need to do in order to enjoy the results they desire.

As can be seen, my bingo strategies have nothing to do with numbers. And I find it completely logic, considering that this game relies on luck. I am eager to see how you approach bingo and what you do in order to win. Can’t wait to see your stories!

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