Hello Bingo lovers from all around the world!

My name is Raluca and I simply love to play bingo. Sounds familiar, right? I remember my first reaction when a friend of mine told me to join an online bingo room. I simply couldn’t stop laughing. I had the impression that this is a game suitable for old people. I can’t believe how wrong I was. This online game is extremely interactive thanks to the great community of players. The chat rooms are animated by awesome moderators, and you need to be active in order to get the regular bonuses.

I decided to create this site in order to guide not only players who wish to give online bingo a try, but also gamblers who are already part of a bingo community. My purpose is to share with you my experience in the virtual world by putting emphasis on aspects like tricks, tips, strategies and reputable casinos.

There are various ways to make online bingo more interesting. The first rule is to see all that the online provider has to offer. I realized that it is completely useless to chase the jackpot because people tend to forget to have fun. I cannot say that I have discovered some sort of secret recipe that helps me win all the time, but I did manage to find the right balance between enjoying myself and playing responsibly.

Bingo4u is a site for all bingo lovers. I wish to turn it into our online platform where we can share ideas and discuss different problems. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section and together to develop a viable and profitable online bingo system.

Yours gratefully,
The Bingo Buddy