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As I mentioned in a previous article, it is extremely important to use all the advantages an online casino has to offer. Bonus codes are sometimes neglected by gamblers because they are not fully aware of their potential. This is why I decided to show you how you can use such a benefit and how it can help you boost your bankroll right from the start. In order to make things clear, I chose Maxfree5, the coupon code players can use when joining Winner Bingo casino.

How The Coupon Code Works

MAXFREE5 can be used for Winner Bingo casino. All that you need to do is to introduce it when you signup and receive a 500% bonus. I know that this sounds overwhelming and even a bit hard to understand how it works. So let me make things clear. All that you need to do is to create an account on this online casino and to make an initial deposit (this is something that all casinos require, thus it is completely safe). It is up to you to decide the amount you wish to deposit. My advice is always to invest only as much as you afford to lose.

So far so good, nothing special about this coupon code. However, the fun begins after you start wagering. To be more exact, this is a bonus that is activated as soon as you spend the first £10 playing the bingo variants you enjoy most. After this requirement is completed, the gambling funds will be immediately boosted with £60. This means that you get £50 without doing anything. What I find it incredibly interesting is that you will get this free money regardless of the initial deposit. So if you plan to start playing online bingo with £5 and gradually increase the winning to £10 and then to £20, as soon as you spend the £10 required you receive the bonus. I could not imagine anything simpler and safer.

Furthermore, this coupon code grants access to a series of other promotions, like:

  •  £150 at the Bingo Online Hall;
  •  weekly and daily bonuses, including Magic Monday and Bingo Linx;
  •  buy one get one free offers;
  •  scratchcards;
  •  earn 10% back on losses.

Steps You Need to Take

All bonus codes require certain steps in order to be able to enjoy them. In all cases, you need to copy-paste or type the name of the code in the required box during the signup process. When it comes to Maxfree5, you need to keep in mind the following:

  1. Create an account on Winner Bingo Casino;
  2. Introduce the Maxfree5 code;
  3. Make a deposit (regardless the amount);
  4. Spend £10;
  5. Receive £50.

A great thing about this free money is that you can spend it on whatever games you desire. There are absolutely no restrictions, meaning that you are not obliged to play a certain bingo variant. However, this does not mean that you can cash them out instantly. The purpose of this bonus is to help you enjoy a successful start and to enjoy the games without taking any risks. My advice is to use it wisely. As I mentioned in a previous article I recommend you do not waste it to experiment new games, but to build your bankroll based on the bingo variants you already know and master.

About Winner Bingo

Winner Bingo is an online casino I simply love because it is very straightforward and has great game variations. When it comes to bingo, players have access to the following:

  •  Presto Bingo;
  •  Common Longue;
  •  Deal or No Deal?;
  •  Begin to Win;
  •  Winners Wardrobe;
  •  Vicky’s Nest;
  •  Big Time Winners;
  •  Winnersville;
  •  Big Apple;
  •  Multi Balls;
  •  Clover Countdown.

There is also a bingo schedule included so you do not need to worry about missing the best opportunities. Another great thing that I appreciate about this casino is the fact that it is very newbie-friendly. To be more exact, it grants access to the rules of bingo and to tutorials, so there is no need to search somewhere else in order to learn how to play these games. The range of bingo games is quite impressive, meaning that you will find everything, from classic bingo to the games that are in demand.

If you ever get bored after playing several bingo rounds, you can always try slot games. They are also easy to play and require no prior practice. When I am in the moods for winning, I usually purchase two bingo cards and alternate them with slots machines. It is intense and trust me, it is totally worth it.

However, you need to try this coupon code for yourself in order to experiment all the great benefits. Feel free to give Maxfree5 a try and let me know what you think.

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